Riding the Pennywise balloon this Halloween.

You would have by now seen the trailer, a glimpse or the original: Stephen King’s inspired, IT.

I went to see this in a near empty cinema, for effect, in the middle of the day, and must admit, I was so hooked, I did not wish for the film to end.

The story was floating, unfolding, there wasn’t a moment I edged it to move on.

The clown is mesmerising to watch, from the outfit, to the make up and its unforgiving character. The children, a fond reminder of growing up in the 80’s, maybe a little later, reminiscent of riding bikes in groups, me and my friends, the Goonies, Stranger Things…you get the picture.


And can’t help but wonder:

When the next remake comes out 27 years from now, what will the kids’ fears be and where will they be hanging out with each other, assuming hang outs will increasingly continue to happen online?

Even more so, once the ‘80’s and ‘90’s generations are gone, and the market of physical interaction possibly gone with it too, what wavelength Pennywise will use to get to the kids, in 2044?


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