Fairfoot lights

On a visit to a friend we were brought out to the street by the sound of multiple drum sounds closing in.

To our surprise after a few enquiries with locals we noticed a flood of lights moving eagerly to our direction. 

Families, local residents and staff from the community centre have come together making lots of lanterns in all shapes and forms with the intention of bringing light to Fairfoot estate in Bow, East London. 

It was a truly magical event. The weather outside was close to freezing and that hadn’t put the myriads of children or their grandparents off.

As the parade was flowing through us; children climbing the railings, participants encouraging us to join, there was this realisation that Christmas hasn’t got to be about shopping. 

There are many other ways to enjoy and really live in the spirit of it. 

Quick chat with the organisers 

I know many people who have spent their xmas’s in a soup kitchen and currently a friend is in Kenya helping build a school in a remote village. 

How will your Xmas be shared? 

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