Living life without the flippant Remainers and Brexiteers 

There’s no any one way that you will find one person in this world to tell you they voted Brexit out of love for their fellow folk.

Beyond the surrealism of a minority with rights to vote were given power over the future of their under age children, and European neighbours, the biggest surprise is that many come from working class backgrounds, the forgotten of the Tory led society.

Their tranditional wealthy counter parts have been served as much as their immigrant or European citizen counterparts have: a dish of unwelcome sentiment, full of resentment, and even less willingness of cooperation or discussion beyond ‘what’s mine is mine and what’s your is mine too’. In their eyes  revenge is a dish best served hot. 

Furthermore in this deeply unhappy situation, the results have been further embossed by hard left Corbynites that have forgotten the basic ethics and principles of socialism.

In today’s political environment the far right of the hard left is the worrying political trend that we need to look out for.

Furthermore, the dangerous disposition of the remainers who were flippant about their remain vote,  and hesitantly staying in the EU. 

Brexit has brought many realities to the surface. 

More importantly the clarity that when someone is a friend or a pacifist, they will not look at how best they can pull their neighbours apart. 

Come Brexiteers, anti EUers, minorities hating other minorities. I put them all in the same basket. Only I haven’t mastered how they will quite be saved in a Moses style either. 

I know, on a personal level, I have significantly reduced my interaction with flipants and Brexiteers. No phrases like ‘you’ re alright luv but the others… ‘ can save them from themselves. 

Believe me. Closing the door to all those dubious characters, and their micro aggressions opens up a lifetime of creativity and peace. 


French students infront of the Parliament anti brexit demo. Taken from twitter feeds
Anti brexit march taken from Twitter feeds

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