Christmas seen elsewhere 

With just over two weeks left to Christmas we have taken to acknowledging how Christmas is being observed by those we hold near and dear. We would have loved to instant transmit from accross the world however their voluntary contributions do just as well. 

In the past week, I asked friends to send us photos of their Christmasy experience… 

Monica took her family to the Christmas market on George Square, Glasgow, Scotland
Franko and Alan cheered Franko’s December birthday at the Village Inn, in Shanklin, Isle of Wight, England

Gerry Jnr is spending his Christmas walking his gorgeous dog on the mountains of Agrinio, Greece

Tim is having his first taste of Christmas in San Francisco, USA
Sophia popped out of her Greek Taverna to watch the lights come on at Margate Marina, on the coast, England
Dimitris and Maria took their daughters with their boyfriends to their local Christmas market, in Dortmund, Germany
Effie decorated the family Christmas tree with her niece Dwroula, in Athens, Greece
Mark passes close to the Federal Square on his daily commute to work in sunny Melbourne, Australia
Anna-Karien explained in Kenya people tend not to buy Christmas trees, however there is plenty of space for celebration. This one is from last weekend at Lake Victoria in Kenya

The reality is that Christmas is a very different experience for many people accross the globe. I too spent boxing day on a flight to India some years ago. 

Above and beyond all, it is imperative reminding our peers about the consumption fever and focus on meaningful interaction. 

I could not dream of a better gift for everyone out there. 

Merry Christmas folks. Love and peace. 

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