Why Corbyn needs to go.

Not only he is not interested in some of his hardest working constituents by bringing them up to date with their rights at work, in life, in the UK and abroad, he is selling them extreme nationalistic lies of working class sovereignty. And that is his biggest failure of all. Supporting the concept of a class system that is so inbred in the British society.

Working classes don’t need Corbyn to continue slaving them away. They need confidence building, finding their equality in the society for all, not being looked down from some tyrant, watching down from his throne. In Greece, I supported Tsipras since we first heard his name. Tsipras is the right medicine for Greece. He can think, he pacifies, he is progressive, he has clamped down on some of the half century long corruption of the political families in power and their national wealth and societal stealing ways. He said way before winning the elections:I can bring socialism to Greece but it is down to the Greek people to adopt it. Years down the line, Greece is ahead of economic development to the UK, and with a Nobel prize for the refugee crisis. New institutions and investments are popping up everywhere and people participate, volunteers, help each other. This is a miracle and it is getting more vivid by the day.

Corbyn is not what we need here. There is Theresa May and Nigel Farage that stole his voters. The Conservatives lost their liberal and internationally brought up voters to the left, not for Corbyn, but for Brexit alone.

Corbyn needs to go. His far right labour sentiment is dwindling as people can only hate their neighbours for so long before they realise, it is their own home they shit in. Corbyn needs to stay and burn on his dictatorship styled throne, by a new party which needs to form today.

Corbyn is not the man of the future, he is a man from a hellish past, where working class people were the dirt. The working class has created powerful art, technology, reinvented technology, feels and associates, none of the sentiments Corbyn’s dry meat sole of a dinner served tastes like. Successful societies are build on trust.

Don’t be fooled that Corbyn trusts or cares for the poor, the unemployed, the homeless. His plan is to let the disenfranchised rot in poverty while he lives up to some sort of a utopian power trip. He is shallow and out of date.

Exactly like Trump, he is a miserable man waiting in the shadows for the time his opposition is at its weakest, to gain his two pennies of rule.

UK needs a new political party now, and we may be in a position to get out of this nationalistic mission within a decade. Corbyn and his far right labour party needs to go.

The working class needs no longer to be told they will be ripped off and taken advantage of. That is no longer viable in a progressive society.

That’s the reason Corbyn needs to go. To stop threatening people of what will not happen in a society build on trust and equal rights.

Thank you for reading.

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