It all begun as I was catching up with a friend shortly after I returned from Portland, Oregon. We talked about Portlandia the comic strip mega hit series inspired by the quirkiness of the city and its people when she did a double take and suggested checking out Grimm.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the fact it was filmed in Portland was a hook good enough to go home and look it up online. So here goes episode one, and although it took me a few to warm up to Nick, the sparkle and humour of the characters around him was enough to get me rolling onto the next one right down through the series. Alabama Shakes screaming over a panorama scene of Portland got me feeling the distance from UK to Portland even more. And shots of Voodoo doughnuts boxes scattered in shots, scenes in food cart yards and under the bridges got my heart pumping. I am now a fully fledged fan and even warmed up to Nick eventually, down to the dynamic of his relationship with Trubel.

I really love how one episode ticks boxes across the comedy crime fiction and magic genres. I’m paying attention when the Captain / Sasha Roiz appears on the screen, Monroe makes me feel cuddly and giggly – he is so genuinely lovely, Rosalie is super cute just like a smart kitten and Who’s cynical humour is just the interval needed moving from one dark tale of a scene to the next. I must say it took me a while to understand Juliette’s role but the focus on her in the later seasons left nothing unexplained.

I am still a big fan now Grimm is shown on British tv at USA today. Portlandia made scenes nudging characters from Grimm. I’m sure a couple of Grimm actors made guest appearances on the show too. Grimm not only got a big fan in me by being filmed in one of earth’s most beautifully magical corners, it is a true song to its environment, given Portland was a true centre for the alternative scene, punks and those on the margins. Today Grimm storyline holds these cards close to its heart. The story revolves around a trailer – have you been to Alberta district and seen the micro homes? – scenes are shot in the Columbia river gorge, the chinese tunnels downtown, near the art museum, outside it’s major hotels and obscure corners. On the many episodes another Wessen reveals itself, I see another Portlander from the not too distant past. Yes, Portland also is getting gentrified and yes maybe Grimm will be the historic record in a fast evolving time in Portland’s history that is very much needed.

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