Fake News, Racism And Bombs

In Saner Thought

We have less than a week before a historic mid-term election and we have experienced bombs, mass shootings, etc and what brings this on?

There are a couple of articles that touches on these subjects a bit……like it or not…this is Trump’s America…..

Donald Trump, the American president, has fomented violence against liberal opponents and critics who disagree with his policies, and so-called “fake news” media organisations he regards as the “enemy of the people.”

With pipe bombs mailed to some of the political targets he has singled out for retribution – several high-profile Democratic Party politicians, including two former US presidents, a liberal billionaire philanthropist and a major news organisation – Trump is the most prominent inciter of violence and facilitator of right-wing American domestic terrorism.


These right winger extremists are stalking America…..and the rhetoric from the White House is not helping…..

Four of the Saturday worshippers brutally…

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