The Meaning of New Rooms in the House Dream

I dreamt of finding this large and light room, and it wasn’t the first time, only this time it was big, light and didn’t think it needed much work at the time.

The Dream Well

What new parts of your self are you discovering? What new parts of your self are you discovering?

It is quite common to dream of finding new rooms in a house.  It may be the house we live in now, an old house or building we remember, or an entirely new and different dream house. While dreaming of particular rooms such as the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom can each have their on symbolic meaning, this post is specifically about the dream where we discover a new room in the house, one we did not know was there before.

In dreams of new rooms in the house, our feelings and reactions to this new room, or the series of new rooms will give us important clues as to how this relates to our lives.  Do you feel awe inspired, excited and amazed?  Do you feel a sense of nervousness and trepidation?  Or do you simply not want to know, and…

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