1. Art & Money
  2. It’s all about Identity.  
  3. Riding the Pennywise balloon this Halloween.
  4. Can we ignore autism?
  5. Thanksgiving folks
  6. A timeless Glezos in the rain. 
  7. Waving autumn away… 
  8. Fairfoot lights
  9. Angels on Regent’s Street
  10. Snow covering my backyard
  11. Living life without the flippant Remainers and Brexiteers 
  12. Christmas seen elsewhere 
  13. Mr Robot
  14. Christmas in Germany
  15. Winter cabin
  16. Why on January 
  17. View from a window
  18. Tromso, a short snappy easy to follow guide to Arctic Norway’s far north.
  19. Trump’s America: a House Divided.
  20. It’s Carnaval again
  21. Why Corbyn needs to go.
  22. So which Hackney Wick
  23. Building health
  24. Italian Elections
  25. Liguria, La Spezia and Cinque Terra
  26. Rowing along…
  28. AEK stadium Nea Philadelphia
  29. Poverty, extremism and art. Where do we go from here?
  30. Social Movements in Canada: Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls
  31. Why are there over 5,400 empty homes in Southwark?
  32. What I learnt from not running the marathon
  33. Getting to attention, dating under the spotlight
  34. Rowing girls text poem
  35. Ode to the London Overground
  36. I learnt a new word today, Decarceration
  37. Bath and Wiltshire
  38. Gluten-free in Portland
  39. An Elevated View of the New Docks & Warehouses now constructing on the Isle of Dogs near Limehouse
  40. Grimm
  41. Cambridge Analytica used our secrets for profit, the same data could be used for public good – William David Watkin
  42. Messene western Peloponnese from Methoni
  43. Calgary BKS Dance Festival
  44. Our Society is under attack
  45. Tragedy, in the home of tragedies
  46. Notting Hill Carnival, in love again
  47. Palaeo-Indians
  48. A wish for a ghost
  49. The coastline of Kent
  50. Camden, for the soul
  51. Cemetery walk, at the Victorian Tower Hamlets
  52. Maclaren dumped in East London
  53. Brazil, after Italy
  54. Back in education
  55. Scott Galloway: How Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google manipulate our emotions
  56. Facebook smearing the Open Society Foundations
  57. Truth, Trust and Technology: so what’s the problem? – Sonia Livingstone
  58. The only brother in a gym in Peckham, London
  59. The Meaning of New Rooms in the House Dream
  60. Gaslighting Conservative MP says Universal Credit protest is a ‘political stunt’
  61. When democracy goes wrong
  62. Driving around in Westfalen
  63. A walk in the port of Piraeus
  64. Beautiful photos from 2018
  65. Karma, and kindness, is a bitch
  66. London Art Fair review
  67. Going To The Dogs
  68. Chefchaouen, the blue pearl of north Morocco.
  69. Bernie….Bernie….Bernie
  70. Rowing in the East End with its histories and all
  71. Post Graduate funding
  72. Informalisation of labour in Developing Countries, the case of Sierra Leone
  73. Curatorial Proposal – Artists: Derek Walcott, Mark Rothko, Frank Bowling, Atsuho Tanaka, Sammi Baloji
  74. Trump and Brexit off the Cliff Edge
  75. Climate Change and Security
  76. In my shoes
  77. IT – Pennywise on his way back!
  78. Seattle Chief Seattle
  79. Reno International Dance Export
  80. Discussing US healthcare on university graffiti
  81. Inquisitive food and places to drink in Portland, Oregon
  82. The history presented, a narrative of Oregonian development
  83. Facebook and economic diplomacy
  84. Masters degree as a mature student, a review
  85. Consulting for the not for profit/civil society, some business development thoughts
  86. Have you ever begun something blindfolded?
  87. Travel updates
  88. Ode to Michael, Andreas and Kostas
  89. Breadcrumbing
  90. Judy & Punch film preview – spoiler alert
  91. Getting together
  92. Short and sweet lessons of benevolence.
  93. British Election pun
  94. Motivation and commitment in the winter
  95. Toxic People: 12 Things They Do and How to Deal with Them –
  96. Grateful for in 2019
  97. Passionfruit
  98. Sensational layouts; a short story of photojournalism in tabloits
  99. Esmerelda, Ben Howard
  100. Canary Wharf Winter Lights
  101. The Red Hand Files (every single word in this post is copied from Nick Cave’s site). I own no rights or copyright. Issue #59 On Poetry, or infidelity.
  102. Etheric beats off urban surfaces: London January 2020 in pictures
  103. Singing in-love
  104. Francesco Clemente pastels, an Art show review
  105. American man
  106. Cozy spots for the last days of winter in London
  107. Hiking in the UK
  108. Chow salad
  109. Squid, remodeling needs
  110. Lifebuoy
  111. Pandemics know no gender, but people still discriminate through a gender lens
  112. Herd politics
  113. April 2020, the month of coronavirus lockdown. My breathing exercises in spring views of East London, UK
  114. Athena. I’m sorry I have just been obsessed with…
  115. A year ago today…
  116. May to the summer solstice
  117. What converting Hagia Sophia into a functioning mosque really means
  118. Portlands’ Wall of Moms Joined by Dads with Leaf Blowers
  119. Native institute sues Neiman Marcus over this coat design
  120. Portland, Oregon, US
  121. Sharing chuckles
  122. Hoy! News From Watermen’s Hall
  123. Welcome to the Evidence & Policy blog: Our reflections on the field
  124. These summer days…
  125. A Potent Fuel? The impact of faith identity on development programming
  126. Lesnes Abbey and woods
  127. The case of US diplomacy: What makes coercive diplomacy particularly useful in diplomatic relations? What are its limitations?
  128. Trump’s covid 19 treatment
  129. Conservation & the coronavirus: Paramount public health
  130. Old people deserve to die, or not have a life during Covid-19? Try again…
  131. Political Economy After Neoliberalism: A Manifesto for New Thinking
  132. Autumnal English hews
  133. Knowledge with sentiment
  134. Shadow Play
  135. Columbia University’s free course on indigenous peoples’ movement, starting today!
  136. 19 Cute Movies To Stream On Halloween If You Can’t Stomach Horror Movies
  137. Lockdown urban London photos with people
  138. Art review: Grayson Perry, Hoxton, London
  139. Christmas shopping list – let’s go!
  140. Things I would have done differently if I knew we’d have covid-19.
  141. Random stories in metal
  142. Why ‘free speech’ needs a new definition in the age of the internet and Trump tweets – Peter Ives
  143. Sign of spring?
  144. The pan is gone; declaterring stories
  145. Amanda Gorman’s nod to Derek Walcott
  146. Sunset on a Friday evening
  147. Nano snowmen
  148. Poverty for politics
  149. Orange & Blue
  150. Thames River Apprentiships
  151. Social movements; mainstreaming gendering and tackling hate crime
  152. Fundraiser for diversity and young people in rowing
  153. Early spring walks, a photo journey
  154. Corruption in the UK; the police are not looking into it
  155. Bernie’s mittens
  156. CEO Raised Co. Min. Wage to $70,000 Staff Earnings Yr. Grew 10x & Revenue Soared — Leila World Blog
  157. Rowing Sculpture Installed at Trent
  158. Down by the water
  159. Green list picking: Madeira
  160. Family histories (in Greek)
  161. Hidden gems; Mudchute nature trail
  162. 5 independent cafes: must tries in East London
  163. Contemplating spaces
  164. New year’s Bethnal Green
  165. Missing indigenous women’s series realities, Canada
  166. New year’s January, first two weeks of 2022
  167. Partygate
  168. Street Art eastend; comparison winter 2021 & winter 2022
  169. Golden nuggets of London
  170. High skyline view spots of around Acropolis and the city of Athens
  171. Athens underground overground
  172. Why the love for rowing is constant

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