When democracy goes wrong

The privileged showcase the same arrogance driving the marginalised that voted them in. This is #karma caught in a catch 22 between power and poverty. #NoConfidence #PeoplesVote #Brexit

Mike Davies interview published 6 years ago, couldn’t be more relevant to tomorrow. https://t.co/ywZ08Ex2Wn

Mr Robot

Things have moved on.

Evil Corp changed its name to ECorp.

Elliot got a job for ECorp.

Mr Robot is acknowledged by most and he is gettimg more aggressive by the day.

And then there are the stoops.

Have you noticed them?

China town gentrification thanks to Mr Robot being in the area.

Stoops and dumplings over time.

Here are the flash railings, and the refurbished stoop…

And still hooked on it just like since episode 1.

Off to Coney Island?